Free to use app and website to help you practice virtually any language in a gamified way!
Great website to quiz your knowledge and create flash cards.
Free site to help you memorize vocabulary by using mnemonic devices.
Great Google Chrome extension that translates a few words of the websites you visit into the language you'd like to learn.
Read the latest headlines on three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.
Endless resources and exercises to help you practice your English grammar and vocabulary.
Excellent online dictionary, especially to help you translate Dutch into English.
Great site with crystal clear grammar tutorials and exercises.
Great language learning site.
Easy-to-use app that helps you to gradually expand your vocabulary.


Fun mobile app which allows you to get in touch with native speakers from different countries.
Lots of materials for self-study, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and interactive videos. Amazing!

Literally tons of exercises.
Offers thousands of interactive, online, non-nonsense exercises from beginner to advanced.
The best online explainer videos on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Explanations are in Dutch.
Plenty of explanations about grammar, vocab, speaking and listening.
The perfect add-on for MS Word or Google Chrome to help you check your spelling and grammar.
Very good website and app which sends you daily quizzes to help you improve your skills.
Paid online courses, e.g. IELTS courses and other English-culture and language related lessons.
Variety of English language tasks, listening, reading and vocabulary.
Highly interactive English lesson content to help you advance your skills.


Website where you can legally download books for free.


Learn English through watching up-to-date news video clips.

Good Reads

Keep an overview of the books you've read, are currently reading and want to read!


Improve your listening skills