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  Watch the video and then answer the questions below.     1) What are the names of Romeo and Juliet’s families?   2) Juliet’s family want her to get married. How old is Juliet at that point?   3) When and where does Romeo fall in love with Juliet?   4) In which way do Romeo and Juliet talk to each other?     5) When do they say they love each other?       6) How did Romeo formerly had an eye on?       7) Why won’t Romeo fight Tibolt?       8) Who gets stabbed and dies?     9) By whom is Romeo banished?     10) Why did Romeo poisson himself?         11) How does Juliet die in the end?       Choose one of Shakespeare’s plays and write a 200-word summary in your own words.  When you’re done, send it to    Please inlcude  SHSP in your subject line.